Galla Mango Drinks

Enjoy the natural goodness of mangoes in our delicious and popular Galla mango drink! We use the freshest and finest mango puree, manufactured from carefully selected, fully ripe mangoes from South India, which are processed, packed, frozen or canned to retain the colour, taste, flavour and aroma of the fresh fruit.

All our products are made with 100% real fruit juice or pulp, and are available in a wide range of flavours and pack sizes. We work with a variety of local mangoes, each with their own heavenly tastes and aromas. The packaging is in compliance with international standards, and retains the freshness of mangoes for the customers.

Our assortment of juicy mango beverages contains essential minerals, antioxidants, fiber and vitamin A and C. Nature’s gift in every sip!

Galla Mango Drinks

Organoleptical, physical and chemical analysis:

Appearance : Cloudy
Aroma & flavour : Juicy, ripe Mango fruit
Taste : Sweet and sour ripe Mango fruit
Colour : Orange Yellow
Mouthfeel : Juicy, ripe Mango fruit


Galla Mango drink is packed in 200ml, 250ml, 600ml and 1200ml PET bottle with 28mm neck size.

Net Volumes:

24Bottles X 200ml = 4.8lit
24Bottles X 250ml = 6lit
24Bottles X 600ml = 14.4lit
12Bottles X 1200ml = 14.4lit


Our Galla Mango drink is stored at ambient temperatures for six months from the date of manufacturing.